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Cihangir Aslan

Born in 1987, Cihangir Aslan is an Istanbul based electronic musician.

After studying Jazz Guitar at MMA, he was accepted to the Galatasaray ITM sound engineering and music production department.

At that same period, he had the opportunity to work at Harems Production and Tasoda Studio as a sound engineer. His further work was inspired by experimental, minimal and ethnic tunes.

He then combined these works with audio – visual performances for a physical performance experience. Lastly, in 2018, he appeared on Sonar Istanbul with the Synthesis project.

Istanbul-based electronic music artist Cihangir Aslan, who released his first album “Roots” under Subroomer Records in 2018, performed in 2018 at Sonar Istanbul as an audiovisual performance; Later, he performed live performances at Zor, Noh Radio, Birdy Pera, Mecra,

RX Istanbul, Babylon. He gives a Live performance in Electronica / Downtempo style, combining electronic music compositions with ethnic tunes.

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